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We Believe and We Provide “Smart Security for Smart People”, We are providing VAPT Services, IS, ISO Audits, Training as a core services.

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Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) is a process that helps businesses identify vulnerabilities and potential threats in their digital infrastructure.

Cyber Security Compliance

An ISO audit is an activity that companies conduct to evaluate, confirm, and verify processes related to the quality, security and safety of products and services so that companies are able to ensure the management system has been effectively implemented.

Information Security Audits

Bank infrastructure auditing involves a comprehensive review of the bank’s IT systems, policies, and procedures to ensure that they operate effectively and efficiently, provide adequate security, and comply with regulatory requirements.

Digital Forensics & Cyber Crime Investigation

Digital forensics is the practice of identifying, acquiring, and analyzing electronic evidence. Today almost all criminal activity has a digital forensics element, and digital forensics experts provide critical assistance to police investigations.

Network Infrastructure Audit

Network auditing gives enterprises a complete picture of their networks and provides insight into potential security lapses that can cost their business in the long run.

Cloud Penetration Testing

Cloud penetration testing helps organizations improve overall their overall cloud security, avoid breaches, and achieve compliance.

IoT & OT Security

Internet of Things (IoT) security is the safeguards and protections for cloud-connected devices such as home automation, SCADA machines, security cameras, and any other technology that connects directly to the cloud.

Data Recovery

Sensitive information stored on these devices is not secure unless you take regular backups. Data stored on any storage device is prone to damages due to wear and tear of the mechanical parts in these devices, mishandling, or various other reasons. Facing a data loss situation either for professional or personal data is no fun.

Cyber Security Corporate Training

Training your employees and yourself on cybersecurity-related safety and best practices will create a sense of empowerment, not only in the office, but remotely.

IS/IT/EDP Audits for Banks

IS Audit Mainly refers to audit of systems (especially computer based) which provided information (like Accounts, Payroll, MIS, Core Banking etc.) to assure the management that the information generated from these system are reliable and also to know what would be impact of computer failure on business continuity.

Cyber Security Workshops and Internships

Cybersecurity internships provide students and recent graduates with an opportunity to gain practical experience in the field. Interns work alongside seasoned professionals, gaining exposure to real-world cybersecurity challenges and solutions.

Agamya Cyber Tech

Best Cyber Security Services With Us

“Agamya Cyber Tech” is a new area where equality will exist to allow intelligence to succeed. We Believe and We Provide “Smart Security for Smart People”, We are providing VAPT Services, IS/EDP/IT Audits for Banks, Compliance Audits, and Cyber Security Training as a core services.

Tied up with many engineering colleges and degree colleges on the training part.
We are happy to serve karnataka police department.

In 2021 we have been recognized by Startup India, Recently recognized by Cohort – 3 CySeck Cyber Security Karnataka.

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ISO and cybersecurity can add incredible value and risk reduction to your business. But in today’s challenging business environment, most small companies can’t afford to interrupt their operations and focus on certification. More and more companies are choosing to outsource that extra work to industry-tested, trusted experts.

At Core Business Solutions, we’re passionate about helping small businesses succeed. We handle internal audits, gap assessments, and supplier audits so you can focus on your business.

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